I Like It When You See Right Through Me

By: Niki Hamann

Suspend me tonight

Shoot the bullet into space, through wispy white

Don’t look down, not anymore

Changing, I suppose

Finger tracing collar bone

All it takes is one slice

Sinewy flesh once knitted so twisted

And the blood spills

Separating I and I

Tangerine unpeeling

So slowly I think I can

Do it in one motion

And there I am

In neat little pieces

Take a bite

It hurts but so easy to

Let it crash over you

Pick a favorite spot on the ceiling

Eyes glaze and plaster swirls

Turning to waves to wash it away

But the dirt stays

Grime and dust settle thickly

Decomposing too quickly

All cracked bones and metal nails

I turn to steel

Twisting my pinky ring

Over and over and

My skin painted purple

Throbbing but I can feel it

Ground me

Please everyone but myself

Please, me

Arms, legs collapsing, skin folding into a box so tiny

This is where you can reach me now

Crush the pill once more

Swallow powder so

I won’t choke this time

Were you there? Was I?

Don’t open your eyes

It’s only the reprise

Off The Cuff Magazine