Poems by Christian Jaeger


By Christian Jaeger


Nothing’s more chaotic

Than two faces, familiar

Passing by, should say hi

But decide then to ignore


Deciding to ignore, indeed

Ruins my whole day

People are so cold, so curt

When they choose not to say “Hey”


Instead we ignore

We turn and we hide

We avoid all contact

On our left and our right


But it’s contact we need

And love we must spread

So why invite chaos

Right into our heads?



By Christian Jaeger


Are these people temporary

Or are they permanent?


We are all just

Life’s puppets and toys


Never put a numeral on your life


Smoking weed out of tinfoil

& late-night chicken nuggets


Love is a violent feeling, sometimes; it controls your life & your body in the most beautiful way in the world


Love is chaos

Chaos is love

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