Open your Eyes, to the Murderer in Disguise

BY: Dena Alfadhli


It’s April 16, 2007 at Virginia Tech and Ryan Clark hears gunshots in his residence hall from the 4th floor

He didn't know he would be staring in the eyes of a girl bleeding out when he walked through that door  

he tried to do something, to help this girl so uncared-for

he thought his day couldn't get worse anymore,

He turned around to see a bullet shoot right through his core.


It’s December 14, 2012 and Sandy Hook Elementary school is preparing for the holiday

Each student making gingerbread houses, just waiting for santa's sleigh

And when a man wearing all black entered her class, a 6 year old girl watched in dismay

As she listened to the ear splitting “BANG”-she didn't think she would make it to christmas day

But she layed on the ground, playing dead, until the shooter walked away

"Mommy, I'm okay, but all my friends are dead" she said that day.


It’s February 14, 2018 at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School

And though the siren of the alarm seems miniscule

The gunshots that echo through are nothing but cruel

And everyone is rushing inside classrooms just following the rule

And as 14 year old Mathew rushes through this class room doors, he tries to keep it cool

only to turn around and see his favorite teacher lying in a black pool.


How many Clarks and Mathews will it take for this misery to end?

How many little girls’ souls will we have to expend?

Can’t you see we are running into a dead-end?

How many years are we going to pretend

That this is not a trend

That these metal machines are our friend.


Not me. I am not going to pretend.

Not going to commend

These killing machines we befriend

These students are who I want to defend.


Off The Cuff Magazine