can i put some coins in?

By: Joseph Nell


can I put some coins in?


outside the earth quakes


and my bones shake


as I reflect on the sins of yesterday


not necessarily mine but


I’m forced to say

sorry that it had to be this way

shivering in the night the bay stole my soul

the wind blew me down the road I thought coal

could turn to diamond if you slowly press down

now every time I blink, I wake in a new town


madness is blue red grey and black

a rope that holds tight and has no slack

yanking and pulling at ones back

until a line of reason is forced to snap


tell me, did you really remember that?

that one night I forced a laugh?

to conceal a cry and my skin felt wrapped

around a conscious mind so tapped


out of energy because of what you said to me

and we were both trapped inside a memory

interrupting the present, were we sound asleep?

was the love we had some strange dream?


now it feels like abiotic symbiosis

lust that once swelled now decomposes

as I lay down in a field of roses

with a mirror reflecting facts, try out one thousand poses


to please the masses, the door behind me closes

past brain is dead and a new one grows in

reborn every morning, one wrong move they’ll stone him

evolving past primal desires and emotions,

we wound down the road,

feelings frozen


to tip myself over or dip my toes in?

do I dare touch her lips to mine or are they poison?

running out of youth, can I put new coins in?


please, me

    I beg you,

                              I thought I was chosen

Off The Cuff Magazine