Dreams in Waiting

By Amanda Greenidge

Illustrations by Dorian Dreyfuss

I keep knocking but no one’s at the door...


At least that’s what I thought

Until I heard voices whispering,

And saw eyes peeking through blinds,

Eyes that looked away when they saw me


Was I not light enough to see?

Perhaps, so I began speaking

But still, no one acknowledged me


Something must be wrong,

I most certainly belonged there,

After all, I had an invitation


At least that’s what I thought,

But when I looked closer I saw the fine print said “rich whites only”

I looked down at my hands to see that they were black, and checked my pockets to find that they were empty,

I then realized why I was denied entry, but still I stood outside the door


I stood with my head held high, but eventually my legs got tired

So I slid down, got comfortable, and slept outside the door


I slipped into a dream that was so vivid it seemed true, and instead of black and white, everything was red, white, and blue

In the dream no one looked at me strangely, questioned my intelligence, or ignored me when I walked into a room

In this dream I was American, no hyphen, no box

No stereotypes or systems to block my way

At last, this was freedom, and this was the first time I felt it in “the land of the free”


Perhaps I would’ve dreamed forever, but soon I was awoken

By pain that assaulted me from all sides

I could hardly see who was doing this to me...their faces were a white blur,

But it did not take long to discern that it was the people behind the door


Their assault confirmed what I knew, but was afraid to admit, that I was not welcome there

So I crawled away from them and the door

To go back to where I came from,

With the assurance that America was not meant for people like me

CultureAmanda Greenidge