Love.Art.Sushi: Bringing Poke to Boston

by Isabelle Davis

When you’re scrolling through your Instagram feed, you may see a common theme: not your favorite fashion blogger wearing the jeans Bella Hadid was sporting or the hip,new bar on Boylston Street. Instead—it’s Poke Bowls. And they have taken social media by storm. A delectable bowl comprised of marinated fish paired with rice and an array of delicious toppings. Now, the hungry people of Boston can get their hands on this fave food fad.

Love.Art.Sushi is a new restaurant that opened near the Back Bay, offering sushi and poke bowls to everyone who steps through their door. I got the chance to sit down with Ronald Liu, one of the partners behind Love.Art.Sushi’s creation, to learn more about this fresh, new restaurant.


Love.Art.Sushi first opened near the University of Connecticut, where Liu attended college, and the Back Bay location is the second one to open. Lui’s transition from studying at UConn to creating a sushi restaurant was an interesting one. After graduating from UConn, he moved to Boston and worked in corporate sales. But when the University of Connecticut was commissioned to bring new aspects to the surrounding area, Liu and his partners saw an opportunity to bring a different fusion and flare to the Connecticut food scene; who wouldn’t like some sushi instead of some pizza?

Liu dropped everything to create this restaurant, which was originally opened as an Asian street food café with a small part of the menu dedicated to “maki” sushi rolls. One day though, there was a lunch rush where Liu’s friend came in asking for a big order. Because of the hectic, rapid environment, they couldn’t deliver all the food to the menu for this last-minute order. Liu decided that the easiest thing they could deliver in this lunch rush was a deconstructed sushi bowl. From then on, word spread, and the sushi bowls were in high demand. Liu and his partner decided to strip the restaurant of their entire menu, leaving sushi bowls as the only offering.

While this was happening, poke was gaining popularity. Liu decided to introduce poke to their menu, on top of their staple sushi bowl. This long journey all led to the creation Love.Art.Sushi.

What does love and art stand for?  He and his partners strive to make their establishment a unique experience for their customers. Liu wants his restaurant “to be a place where people just come in quickly and grab food; [he] wants people to come in and experience a culture of artists, art, and culture.” They worked with artists on different murals and other projects to create such an environment.

While feasting on my bowl comprised of white rice, tuna, baby corn, and scallions, Liu said, “We are in a society where there is an artist behind everything.”  Why not cultivate art and bring it into every aspect of life? It can make life that much more delicious and extraordinary.

Isabelle Davis