Tumblr: Today's Version of Cher's Virtual Closet

Regina Raphael, Staff Writer; Frances Lown, Staff Editor

The daily ritual of picking out clothing is different for everyone. For some, picking their items can be an extensive, intricate, spiritual experience, where they create a work of art. For others, getting dressed may be the only action needed to keep them from walking out the door naked. However, no matter how we decide what to wear, we all do it intentionally. We look to creatively emulate who we are— or who we want to be. And that begins with inspiration.

In the 1995 rom-com teen classic, Clueless, Cher (Alicia Silverstone) has a virtual closet where she channels her inspiration. This computer pairs her items of clothing magically into new, fresh outfits without the exhaustive effort of trying on then taking off different pieces. Because many of us do not have access to this “modern day fairy godmother,” we pick and choose aspects of our favorite musicians, magazines and celebrities to create our own identity. Today, social networking allow us to do so.

Tumblr, a blogging and social networking site founded in 2007, has evolved from just short-form blog content to a global platform for fashion and retail. Fashion magazines from Vogue to Elle now utilize the site to provide their readers with inspiration and tips to aid in their development of their own style. Even celebrities like Kylie Jenner and Vanessa Hudgens have created blogs to give fans a look into their daily style. Just by typing the word “fashion” in the search engine, you get a glimpse into style trends from all around the world. Applying aspects of these looks to your daily style is the best way to keep the sometimes mundane task of picking out school clothes more fun and interesting. With an endless source of inspiration, you can stay fresh and exciting.

Pinterest is another great tool that more and more fashionistas are beginning to use. Emily Dutton (Questrom ’16) said, “I like Pinterest because it’s easy to customize my search and get really specific, and there are tons and tons of photos.” With the endless amount of style guides, outfit of the day posts, and beauty tutorials, these sites have made it impossible for us to not be able to create a stand out outfit. When asked what she would do if a machine picked out her outfits regularly, Dutton replied, “I don’t feel like my closet is big enough for that, but I also kind of like picking out my clothes myself.”

While Cher’s computerized closet may not be for all of us, it’s nice to know we have access to our own digital inspiration with just the click of the button.


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