Becoming a Man of Style

Cole Kerrigan, Staff Writer; Samantha Kelley, Managing Editor


Getting lost in the labyrinth of fashion can feel inevitable, even for the most stylish men. Surrounded by a vast and ever-changing ecosystem of trends and designs, it is arduous for young men to navigate their wardrobe with a sense of direction or confidence.

The last few years have seen an increasing interest in men’s fashion around the world. We live in a truly global community, and creating a stylistic signature for oneself is necessary to make an impression socially, romantically, or even professionally.

One large problem stems in the fact that too many men are afraid of becoming interested in fashion. They often forget that how they dress is a reflection of masculine identity who they are and what they value. Fashion is also the icing on the cake of proper self-care and personal discipline regarding one’s appearance. The development of personal style and taste not only makes us feel great about ourselves, but also has an effect on those around us; both men and women are attracted to those who invest in themselves, and that is something that a sharp fashion sense effectively communicates.

For those men ready to embark on the road to discovering their own personal style, let these tips serve as the battle cry for the beginning of your journey in becoming a man of style.


Find a Role Model

Remember, great style means you understand your own body and values. Do some reflection, ask questions about how to express who you are. Find a style icon to emulate.

Kill the Khakis

Khakis are the paragon of human laziness. They are generic and show little effort when it comes to presentation. Whoever created Khakis was either trying to sabotage the human race, or was trying to make men seem safe and boring, which frankly is even worse.

Buy Clothes that Fit

Find a pair of jeans or slacks that aren’t too baggy or too tight. When trying them on, check out various angles in the mirror, experiment with rolling up the cuffs and picture them with other outfits. If you can comfortably slide two fingers in the waistband, chances are they are a good fit.

Whether it’s dress shirts or t-shirts, whatever you wear should fit your body and match your outfit. When in doubt, go for a basic crewneck white t-shirt. It’s a classic and simple look that will forever be timeless.

Play with Patterns and Accessories

Funky socks are a subtle way to express your playful side. That’s right. Funky socks are a no-brainer way to express one's personality and mood. Breaking away from the herd of white, black, and brown can be a subtle way to suggest you are unconventional and don’t take yourself too seriously. They are an extra touch of flare than can spark conversation or make you more approachable.

Watches, bracelets, glasses, and backpacks are not always needed but have the potential to serve as a cherry on top. But don’t be be too flashy—simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

Kickstart your Shoe Collection

The general rule of foot is that all men must own five pairs of shoes: casual shoes, gym sneakers, brown dress shoes, black dress shoes (preferably oxfords), and one pair of boots.

Most importantly, incinerate your Sperrys and your strap on mandals. The next time you see your roommate wearing some Bethlehem 3000s, ask him where he left his mustache because the only thing missing from that combo is a UFO conspiracy video, transitional sunglasses, and a restraining order.

Be Confident

This is perhaps the most important rule of them all: confidence is the cornerstone of success and without it, your wardrobe choices will reflect your self-esteem. Your personal style will always seem to be missing something, so don’t limit yourself, try new styles, and be fearless in the process.

** You are a new man today, go get ‘em tiger! **


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