Student Spotlight: Caroline Danehy

Jacqui Manning

Photography by Sam Brooks

Makeup is therapeutic for me. I think its an art form, and I love being able to express how youre feeling that day with different colors, shades, and theres so many techniques you can try out that can make a product different,says Caroline Danehy (SED 18) who is currently using makeup to break barriers on campus.

Caroline is the founder/ operator of Makeup for the Injustice, a makeup application service that donates all of the funds raised to Jane Doe Inc., a non-profit organization in Boston that helps victims of sexual assault. Caroline, a survivor of sexual assault, created the business as a way to fight back. I really felt like control was taken away from me The process of trying to get justice for myself and trying to report my case to the administration felt like I didn't have any control So, I thought why not take matters into my own hands, why not do some healing for myself that make a difference?’”

The idea of Makeup from the Injustice was inspired by Carolines love for makeup. In high school, I would always do my friends makeup, and after I graduated underclassmen were still reaching out to me asking if I could do their makeup for events such as prom, etc.says Caroline, After this happened to me, I thought to myself, why dont I create something I love and turn it into a business that benefits research and support for victims?’”

Since Makeup for the Injustice hit the streets of Commonwealth Ave. two years ago, Caroline has raised about $2,000 for Jane Doe Inc., Its no where near my goal, but its definitely a start.

The goal of Makeup for the Injustice is to foster an environment on campus that allows people to be able to talk about the issue of sexual assault safely and regularly, After I was sexually assaulted, the people I confided in responded very negatively to me. I think people meant to have good intentions, but just didnt say the right things. I feel like if sexual assault was talked about more, it could be handled more, and then people wouldn't be so unsupportive or caviler.

“When I meet clients to do their makeup, they always ask: What gave you this idea, whats the story behind the name, whats the injustice?People are really shocked when I explain my story and the reactions I received, and I think that really shows how far back we are as a society.

Then biggest stigma about sexual assault Caroline wants to end is the idea that your image, whether it be how you dress or your makeup, give anyone a reason to target you for sexual assault: You always hear people say what were you wearing, was your dress too short, how much makeup did you have on?I believe you shouldn't have to change how you look or they way you want to feelif you want to wear a lot of makeup; wear a lot of makeup. If you want to wear a short skirt; wear a short skirt, and you shouldnt have to feel like a target.

Caroline spent the day with OTC staff showing us what a normal makeup session would be like, “When I do clients makeup I use a different set than my own” says Caroline.  I always recommend my clients buy Real Technique brushes, because they are so easy to use and are good, affordable quality.

“I use Real Techniques powder brush for blush to get complete, full, coverage. I also love Real Techniques soft and malleable beauty blender because it really ables you to blend. They also have a mini beauty blender thats great for under-eyes; you can get really into your corners and the little sponge allows you to get into those creases to prevent under-eye shadows. I also love the crease brush they have. Usually, I do my eyeshadow in the crease and I use a blending brush to go over it, but with Real Technique brushes its just one step because you can blend while applying the eye shadow.

While we watched Caroline work, we talked to her about the future goals she has for the company, Right now my clients are strictly from my hometown and BU, and Im really hoping to expand that base soon.

“I hope Makeup for the Injustice has a butterfly affect. As I was affected, I hope I will allow me to affect someone else, and have that chain keep going. That makes its much more personal for me. I see the need for things to change and I want to make that change.


For more information on how to get involved with Makeup for the Injustice, you can go to:

Instagram: @makeupfortheinjustice_

Facebook: Makeup for the Injustice




Jacqui Manning