Resurrection of Mom Jeans, Dad Caps & Crocs

Isabelle Davis

Many have experienced a time when our parents have embarrassed us in some shape or form. Now, they finally have a chance to redeem themselves; those middle-aged people who we call parents have become “trend setters” for our generation. The high-waisted, light-washed denim our moms wore in the ‘90s have made a comeback, along with the fashionable adaptation of a well-known staple in our dads’ closets: the baseball cap.

    “Mom jeans” are now deemed a must-have item in our young adult wardrobes. These tapered leg jeans are donned by the trendiest people in young Hollywood. Many aspire to be just as fashion-forward as these style icons, most notably the infamous crew of Kendall Jenner and the Hadid sisters. A fashion found in thrift stores and high end designer shops, this popular style of jean is making its comeback with a price tag that ranges from reasonably low to extravagantly high. Wear the mom jean look effortlessly cool while just grabbing a coffee, or for a night on the town with your girl squad. Your mom can finally brag about doing something “with-it.”

    Meanwhile, our moms shouldn’t get all the credit for creating one of the most current and popular trends--our dads deserve some, too. I’m talking about the one accessory a stereotypical dad on a golf course cannot be pictured without: a baseball cap. An item usually associated with baseball games and family outings, the baseball cap, also referred to as the “dad cap,” is making a comeback, too. Celebrities, fashion bloggers and the others we look to for style advice can be seen strutting around an airport, running to their next appointment or simply hiding their bed head all under the dad cap upon their heads. This staple is being revived and designed in ways straying from the typical solid colors and team logos we love so much. Sought-after designers, such as Opening Ceremony and Anti Social Social Club, are designing caps with embroidery, sayings and other motifs you can wear every day. If you don’t have a baseball cap in your closet already, just ask your dad; I’m sure he can spare one.


    Another unexpected item is making its way back into our hearts (we think). Not only are these items coming from our moms’ and dads’ closets, but also from the closets of our 7-year-old-selves: Crocs. This comeback is unlike the others, in that it isn’t necessarily identified as much of a trend, yet. The majority of people still recognize Crocs as clunky, rubbery shoes often seen on a little kids and doctors; however, respected designer Christopher Kane decided to take the Croc and turn it into a high-fashion staple. Kane rebirthed the Croc in a marble-print with gemstone charms perfectly fitting the holes perforated throughout the shoe. These highly disliked shoes might be making an immense comeback, so don’t be so quick to judge. In past years, shoes that were deemed unflattering, such as Birkenstocks and slides, have come back into style. Why not add Crocs to the list?

    Sure, the mom jean, the dad cap and Crocs are recognized as some of the trendiest and even high-fashion items you can wear nowadays. However, the best part about them isn’t that they are deemed stylish or chic by the fashion community. The best part about them is that you can find them in your parents’ closets.