Off The Cuff is looking for individuals who are passionate about writing. This semester, we are looking to improve the quality and content of both our online and print articles.

Writers are encouraged to pitch ideas for articles corresponding to photoshoots, as well as topics that are simply of interest. Writers are required to pitch, write, and edit one online article before being allowed to contribute to the print issue. Please note writers are encouraged to write creatively and can extend beyond the fashion industry.  

To be considered for this position you must submit a supplement. Applications submitted without a supplement will not be considered. Please be sure to:

  1. Submit a resume and writing sample (250-1,000 words)

  2. Subject your email: Writer - First Name Last Name (It is very important you enter this exact subject line or your supplement may not be received correctly).

  3. Include the name used in your application within your supplemental email and submit to applications.offthecuffmag@gmail.com

Name *
Freshman, Sophomore, etc.
Desired Position *
current/past jobs, internships, relevant classes, etc
Be as creative as you like.