Off The Cuff is looking for individuals who are passionate about set design, construction, or interior design. These individuals will work with the creative and photography directors to build sets for photoshoots as well as upcoming projects and our end of the semester launch party. They will have the opportunity to participate in shoots and videography and will see through the whole process from the idea concept to the final print. All applicants must be passionate about innovation, design, and interior spaces.


To be considered for this position you must submit a supplement detailing your interest in the field and a portfolio including any works that you believe highlight what you would bring to this position. Applications submitted without a supplement or link will not be considered for the position. Please be sure to:

  1. Subject your email: Set Design - First Name Last Name (It is very important you enter this exact subject line or your supplement may not be received correctly).

  2. Include the name used in your application within your supplemental email and submit to

Name *
Freshman, Sophomore, etc.
Please list the context, ie: fashion, editorial, personal, etc
Please attach link to image of work or artists’ website