MARKETING + finance 

Off The Cuff is looking for creative and dedicated individuals who are interested in marketing and finance. Our Marketing and Finance team members manage fundraisers and revenue, organize photoshoot costs, and maintain general finances. 

To be considered for this position you must submit a resume as a supplement. Applications submitted without a supplement will not be considered. Please be sure to:

  1. Submit a resume

  2. Subject your email: Finance/Marketing - First Name Last Name (It is very important you enter this exact subject line or your supplement may not be received correctly).

  3. Include the name used in your application within your supplemental email and submit to

Name *
Freshman, Sophomore, etc.
Please choose carefully, if you are hired, you will be responsible for executing this fundraiser with the help of the rest of the finance team.
There is no right or wrong answer, we just want to see what you are willing to get time for. Activities could include canvassing, fundraising, working with SAO, or whatever might work well for you.