Artist work

Starting FW'17 we biannually publish artist work of all mediums, local to Boston and beyond. Here are our FW'17 features. Want to see some of your own work published? We do too. Submit work to be considered in our SS'18 issue: here.

the next morning.jpg

the next morning, Ramsha Asim, @ramsha_a98

flower boys, Nancy Ho @bulmababy

thorns, rae lin, @rae422lin


Untitled, Deric Hamer,

Legs with crisscross shadows, kate schnepf, @k8rosie

i'm cooler under legs, rae lin, @rae422lin

trying lemons, elizaveta sokolovskaya, @lisasokol

lady widow, claire saloff-coste, @supernova_stateofmind

Ask Me Nicely, Sophie Lindemann @so_phar_so_good


whisked away, sarah wu, @pensplanesandplates


lido key 1, Nicolas Alexander Lustig Gossens, @alexlustigvisuals


reach with no escape

Nina Miller,

chrysanthemum i, barbara Kang, @bkanggg

THROUGH A WATER BOTTLE, Qianyi Shuai, @jakite